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Once you have a security alarm system in place, security alarm monitoring enables your security system to communicate directly with a monitoring center where professional emergency dispatchers assess the situation and notify police to dispatch emergency responders if needed. Learn more about our security alarm systems.

Why Do I Need Professional Security Alarm Monitoring? Can’t I Monitor My Own Security System?

If you are considering whether to work with a trusted security alarm monitoring company to monitor your alarm system and dispatch emergency responders for you, or to simply rely on security alerts sent to your smartphone or other devices, there are several significant reasons why an affordable security alarm monitoring package from a reputable security company can potentially keep your family and your property safer and save you money. Here are just a few:

Why Alarm Monitoring Makes Sense

Discounted home insurance: Many home insurers offer discounted home insurance premiums from 5% to 20% for homeowners with a full security system including alarm monitoring, according to the Insurance Information Institute. Check with your insurance carrier for exactly how to qualify.

Convenience: A professional security alarm system monitoring center performs regular checks on your security system, providing peace of mind and allowing you to focus on your life without acting as the point of contact between your security alarm system and emergency responders. Check out our affordable plans.

Affordability: The pricing for our professional UL-listed security alarm system monitoring services starts at less than a dollar per day.


It is well worth considering that if and when your commercial or home security alarm system is ever triggered by a real emergency situation, you will either be at your home or business at the time of the emergency, or you will not be at the location. In either circumstance, a professional security alarm monitoring service with trained dispatch professionals on duty is very likely to be better equipped to serve as the point of contact for emergency services than you will be. Consider the following scenarios:

Let’s say that you are at the location when an intruder breaks into your home or business. What if your cellular phone isn’t working at that moment for some reason or other? Or even more worrisome, what if you end up being faced with the unfortunate reality of a face-to-face encounter with the intruder? Will you have the time to call 9-1-1 in that situation? It’s better not to find out.

On the other hand, let us imagine that you are not at home at the time when an intruder breaks into your home or store. Are you perhaps driving at 60 miles per hour on the highway at that moment? Does your phone have reception? What if you are in the dentist’s chair? Let’s say that you are able to respond right away, but you happen to be in a neighboring community when you receive the call. When you dial 9-1-1, you won’t actually be connected directly to your local dispatcher—they will have to find out what community the emergency is taking place in and get in touch with the local dispatch there. This can typically happen quickly, but you can expect a delay.

Every delay that seems minor can add to the total time it takes for the appropriate emergency responders to respond to your emergency—meaning that intruders potentially have more time to take your property and get away. Or what if there is a heat or smoke alarm? Every second counts in a real emergency. A faster and more direct response can even save lives.

Premium Support

Whether we install your alarm system and/or other elements of your commercial or home security system, upgrade your security system, or simply take over the monitoring of your existing commercial or home alarm system, the professional security technicians at IPView Security Systems are always available to consult with you and help you troubleshoot any issues that may arise with your security alarm and/or security camera system.

You may well be quite capable of selecting, setting up, working with, and monitoring your own security devices, alarms, and cameras, but if you do it all yourself, you may eventually encounter a problem that you can’t fix right away, resulting in downtime for your security system, and hassles that might easily have been streamlined by an ongoing relationship with security system professionals like the friendly local technicians at IPView Security Systems.

Professional Alarm Monitoring System Installation Services

When you are planning to have a security alarm system installed in your commercial business or home, everything from the price to the installation practice should be addressed and considered.

Consumers may not consider the installation method as something to consider when seeking to secure their premises, but it can have a decisive impact on the value you receive. At IPView Security Systems, we consider all ends of the spectrum to make sure your security needs are met.

We work with our customers and don’t sell them equipment that is not needed. We have several plans to meet your needs at a friendly budget.

The primary motive for acquiring a security system is to secure your business or home, and we understand that money doesn’t grow on trees, so why should you pay for more than you need? IPView Security Systems follows ethical practices and guidelines to ensure that you, the customer, are happy and secure, and that we maintain our good name as a 5-star alarm monitoring company in San Antonio, Austin, and Brownsville, Texas.

Commercial & Home Alarm Monitoring System Installation in San Antonio, Austin & Brownsville

IPView Security Systems is a reputable brand among alarm companies in San Antonio, Austin & Brownsville, Texas. We provide the latest updated home alarm systems in the area, that will meet your security needs, in the promptest manner. We are a home alarm monitoring system company in San Antonio, Austin & Brownsville, Texas.

Our technicians are skilled in offering professional home alarm system installations, meeting your exacting standards promptly, and apart from our expert solutions, we provide affordable home alarm systems that will fit your budget perfectly. Our rates are the least expensive that you will find among alarm companies in San Antonio, Austin & Brownsville.

You know your home or commercial building better than anyone. So why have a salesperson sell you on products you don’t need, just trying to get a commission? Build your alarm panel using our UL-listed wireless alarm systems and schedule the installation date that best works for you.